I think that perhaps the only thing better than cracking open a new title and getting ready to embark on a maiden video game voyage is thinking back fondly on your gaming memories of yesteryear.

To many of us, especially so before their move to mainstream media, video games are a nostalgic and extremely personal pastime that allowed us refuge into imagination and worlds beyond our own. I think the OG Playstation slogan was something like “Live in your world, play in ours’ and I’m sure I’m not the only one who took that a little too literally back in the spring of my life.

Personally speaking, the first time I booted up a cracked disc copy of Tomb Raider (piracy was cool in the early 00’s okay) was as close to an encounter with God as I have yet to come. Facts?

But if you’ve ever felt the need to revisit the titles of your youth and reacquaint yourselves with games that inform your tastes today, you might be met with a little issue.

We are now in the 8th/ 9th console generation, meaning we’ve seen a slew of consoles, games and experiments both failed and successful cross our paths and meet our wallets.

Somehow, as with more overtly sinister industries like fast fashion and crude oil, our beloved (?), video game industry has followed suit with the age-old adage that permeates so much of what is wrong with Earth circa 2021. The adage being out with the old and in with the new.

And while many developers and publishers take their consumer into account by releasing remakes and remasters of their games for newer consoles, others simply issue shovelware that is barely playable and for the most part, and most heinously, they simply let their libraries rot away and fade into obscurity.

This fading into obscurity is perhaps one of the central motivations of our next Neat List feature, and his name is, drumroll please, Thor. High. Heels.

What makes this channel special, barring the INCREDIBLE thumbnails which deserve a post on their own, is the strange thematic mix of pop culture enthusiasm, digital archaeology and innate weirdness of the games discussed.

Look, I could make a Youtube channel dedicated squarely to the games I grew up with, and that would probably be fine and kinda fun, but what we have here goes so far beyond personal affinity and into something considerably more informative and inspirational.

Thor High Heels (can we call you Thor for short plez) provides a kind of anthropological overview of video games at large and what goes into making them weird, wonderful and memorable.

He also bemoans the anti-consumer tactics and decisions of Big Game Corpa and the lack of respect and reverence they display for their own products and IP’s. He does so by hilariously making use of meme lingo in a SoftBoy™ cadence and the result is just… gewd.

But don’t take our word for it, here are some of the videos I think any gamer, both yung and old, could benefit from watching:

From Software’s old weird games?


What the hell is PC-98 and where do I get one?


Obscure Japanese Mac games?


Final Fantasy fashion?!?


We hope you enjoy this channel as much as we do. If you’re able to support this creator, please consider their Patreon here.

- Dante Ludolf