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Herman, Simon and Dante here.

Here’s our collective list of things we like and think you might too.

If you have anything to add or suggest, please drop us a mail.

Things to watch


Four friends get together and draw whack things. It really is that simple and also completely not! A wonderful way to spend your time and something truly worthy of your attention, Drawfee is fun, funny and super inspirational to artists everywhere. It’s also, as they say, people turning dumb ideas into dumb drawings and… that just sounds really good.

Thor High Heels

Ever wondered what happened to the games of yesteryear forgotten by time and corporate greed? Thor High Heels has truly got you covered. From looks into the libraries of long lost consoles to explorations of your favourite publishers’ forgotten games, this channel is a must.

The Sphere Hunter

Speaking of video games, Suzi Hunter of Sphere Hunter fame has got to be one of the best gamers on the ol’ Youtube. She does reviews, yes, but she also waxes poetic on her favourite games and does a great job of setting the mood and tone of her videos to the games she’s talking about, giving people a double whammy introduction that is as fun as it is informative.

Things to learn


Got a question about…well, anything? You’re probably gonna find the answer here and have a good time doing it.


Our regular contributor and super skilled artist Carolina Alvarez is one to watch. Expert skills and hacks and a super great aesthetic is to be found here. Her Twitter is a pretty fun place too.

Things to play


Play cool, little games. ‘Nuff said.

Mythical Creature Generator

This site generates random creatures that you probably didn’t think of. Great to use as a prompt for drawing or for populating your D&D games with scary nasties.

Character Generator

If you’re a writer and you’re in need of flexing your muscles, head here and get a fresh character to use as a jumping-off point for your next scribe session.

Things to use

Darek Zabrocki is a renowned artist in his own right, and his brush selection is reeeeal good too. A nice selection of good things to help you get your handle on brushes. See what we did there.

If you like painting and blending and doing the swoosh things, these Rezkhan brushes are super good for that.

Deharme’s brush has everything you could ever have wanted from a brush set. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

Line of Action boasts a vibrant and determined community who all share a common goal of getting good at drawing. It’s a super affirming and encouraging place to hone your skills, fueled by complex, interesting and diverse pose references submitted by people from around the world. If you’re looking to get stuck in and explore figure drawing, take some of their timed classes and practice your craft.

Sketch Daily has a great system to help you define and refine what it is you’re looking to draw. You can specify all kinds of details and use these to fuel your next drawing reference. The potential references are also very unique and interesting, with a lot of costume and weapon poses to propel your next piece.

Things to read

Dresden Codak

Dinos and Comics

Saturday AM

Artists we love (and love to work with)

Hunter Waldera

Carolina Alvarez

Alida Loubser

Eyuki Leaf

The Spidey Bugle

Marlize Eckard

Betsy Doodles

Jey Odin

Oscar Fong