Interactive character posing tool for drawing.

...and sketching, fashion design, comic illustration, exploring poses and lighting, etc...

Making art

A drawing tool

JustSketchMe is a free online interactive character reference tool for artists.

Realistic lighting, detailed anatomy, and simple controls make JustSketchme a pleasure to use.

It is for figure sketching, fashion design, comic illustration, and anyone else who needs to reference anatomy.

No wooden mannequin? No worries!


Why is it so great?

JustSketchMe is free and easy-to-use.

  • Multiple character models
  • Full interactive joint control
  • Realistic adjustable lighting
  • Fully controllable perspective camera
  • Saveable and shareable poses

Mobile app? Yes please

JustSketchMe was built as a progressive web app. What this means is that you can install it to your Android or iOS device for free by going to the web app and selecting "Add to Homescreen".



Sharing figure poses and other nifty things will be done on the reddit page.

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