Interactive character posing tool for
reference poses.

...and figures to draw, art reference, comic illustration, exploring poses and lighting, etc...

Posing references

JustSketchMe is a free online interactive character posing reference tool for artists.

It has realistic (and tweakable) lighting, detailed anatomy, and simple controls.

There is a full library of preset reference poses to get you started, as well as a library of hand reference poses.

No wooden mannequin? We got you! (But there is also the classic wooden art doll for the old-school illustrators.)

Thoughtful Thoughtful

Figures to draw

Figure drawing reference has never been easier.

Multiple figures to draw (male, female, teenagers and children, a baby, and many more).

Full interactive joint control.

Realistic adjustable lighting.

Fully controllable perspective camera.

Saving of poses for reuse later, and saving of full scenes.

A prebuilt pose library.

Captain Stance Captain Stance

Mobile app? Yes please

JustSketchMe was built as a progressive web app. This means this posing reference tool can run as a native application on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Kickboxing Kickboxing

Figure drawing and artist community

Sharing of ideas, features (and bugs) are done on the reddit page.

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