So we recently added a page of things on the internet that we find neat, and you can check that out here. To truly honour the channels, comics and artists on the neat page, we thought we’d take a bit of a deeper dive into some of them and wax poetic about what makes them so great in the first place.

So you’ve probably gone through this situation.

Picture this. You’ve just downloaded Photoshop and are about to start creating your next masterpiece. You’re googling around and seeing what’s up with the app itself and how other artists do their thing, then you see a little zip folder emblazoned with the word ‘brushes’. you download this strange file and install them to your PS.

Next thing you know, you’re two hours in and your would-be masterpiece is nothing but a blotted and bloated mess of textures, splatters and leaf imprints that should probably stay in drafts for the rest of your life.

No? Just me? Okay.

Photoshop brushes vary greatly, and exploring the tools at your disposal is extremely fun but can also lead to an urgent need for editing because it is just so easy to get carried away.

But sometimes, experimenting with a given brush pack is just ** chef’s kiss **because they are all good and worthy of your attention and carry the potential to be an asset to your piece.

The packs that appear here, dear reader, are exactly that.

We’re talking ink brush swoopy wow, we’re talking painterly smudging texture yass, we’re talking cross-hatch snatched goodness and lines for days.

P.S. That is not hyperbole, these brushes are just so good!

Darek Zabrocki

So these are wonderfully diverse and cover a range of textures and styles to get you going and help you experiment with expressive linework and get a handle on how to make your art pop.

We’ve got some really graphic-y and swoosh-y boys up for grabs, as well as more delicate strokes that work really well with Wacom’s sensitivity and pressure.

You can download them here.


The Rezkhan brush set is a textural win, and you can use all of the blushes to blend, smoothen and add dimension in a very painterly way. There aren’t many to choose from, but that is kind of a bonus, as what the pack lacks in diversity it makes up for in pure usefulness and versatility.

You can download it here.


I really don’t know what to say about these brushes/ implements of God other than that they are perfection and I’ve never known such joy as making my way through them and using them ad nauseam (not all to great effect I might add). Give them a go and make some doodly scratch swoopy nice stuff right now!

You can download them here.

- Dante Ludolf