Yeah, I don’t think John Cena is going anywhere. Plus he’s got his own show coming up so I’m pretty sure he’s sticking around for a while.

I’m thinking this weird hacker guy is getting the chop.

The terrifying Amanda Waller is definitely resourceful enough to keep herself around for a few more instalments.

Who would wanna kill Idris Elba?!

Harley Quinn is pretty much the most popular DC character around right now, so I highly doubt she’s going anywhere.

This crazy alien lady is dead for sure.


Hopefully not dead but I kind of get the feeling he will be.

Yeah I just don’t see his detachable arms saving him in his hour of need.

I think I would probably kill him too, if I saw him.

I loved the bogan iteration of Captain Boomerang, and Jai did such a good job but he hasn’t been in much promotional material so I think he might be dying. :/

Sharks are friends, not plot fodder!

Ratcatcher 2 is described as the heart of the story, so I’m leaning towards her heart stopping at some point to motivate the others.

- Dante Ludolf