Introducing: Clone

We’ve got some good news for y’all!

JustSketchMe now has two new features, and their names are Flip and Clone.

This week we’ll be showing you some neat ways that you can make use of them in your practice.

We’re gonna start off with clone.

Clone allows you to replicate and, well, duplicate anything you’ve done on the app.

Need an army of fembots in a fighting stance? You can do that now.


But perhaps the most useful of its applications lies in creating intricate shapes and sets for your scenes.

Here we have some beam me up Scotty stuff going on. If you toggle the camera lock and have a clear sense of movement, you can even make some nifty animations.


Next up, we have a kind of roman forum moment going on, and by making use of clone you can recreate the level of precision and symmetry that is so indicative of the architecture of that period.

Even more basic concepts like jumping over spikes or meandering through… poles can be created easily and neatly.

Let us know what you come up with and how you’re making use of the new cloning function.