Iconic black superheroes that aren't Storm or Black Panther!

Let's take a look at some black excellence in comics, manga and video games.


Aquaman's protege, Kaldur'ahm, made a huge splash after joining the roster of the super-popular animated television show Young Justice and has endured loads of popularity as he was embraced by the fandom and even eventually phased into the main DC comic continuity.

An Atlantean with all the usual aquatic powers as well as hydrokinesis and bio-electricity, Kaldur'ahm is a powerful member of the new generation of heroes and a force to be reckoned with.

He's also one of the few openly queer characters in mainstream comic canon, and this has done even more to bolster his status as an absolute icon.

Monet St. Croix

Sometimes body-swapping, soul merging and composite beings can be a bit much for a reader to handle or relate to. (Think Kwannon and Betsy.)

Sometimes, however, it can be a damn good time and a wonderful element to a character. Monet St. Croix, otherwise known as M, is one of those times.

Consisting of multiple siblings, personalities and powers rolled into one, Monet is an absolutely mutant powerhouse and always proves to be a valuable addition to any X-Team she finds herself a part of. If you're keen to get to know her better, start with Generation X!


Starting off as a member of the Batman Incorporated team, David Zavimbe is an iconic bat-hero that hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Taking up the mantle of Batwing and eventually starring in his own series, David is a dynamic and influential hero that made the bat mantle his own.

Having lost both of his parents to HIV//AIDS and working as a police officer, David has seen and experienced his fair share of the atrocities of man, making him singularly dedicated to shape the world into a better place. His mechanised suit of bat armour is also just really, really cool.


Nubia hasn't made much of a splash since she debuted all those years ago, but after actress Tiffany Haddish has recently heaped praise on the character and even showed interest in playing her, she's rightfully gaining traction and being the icon that she is.

Nubia is either Wonder Woman's long lost twin sister or the primary Wonder Woman from an alternate universe, depending on the comic you're reading.

Either way, she's powerful and amazing and Wonder Woman's equal in every way and we can't wait to see what she'll be getting up to in the future.


Monica Rambeau has always been an underrated hero in the greater Marvel universe, but now that she's made an appearance in the MCU by starring in Wandavision, that's all about to be a thing of the past.

Wielding insane powers like lightspeed flight, super strength and energy absorption, Rambeau is a titan and has even held the mantle of Captain Marvel herself.