How to make a spear for drawing reference with JustSketchMe

Need a reference for your spear-wielding warrior? Here are the simple steps you can make use of to cobble together a fierce weapon to use in your drawing reference.

Step 1

Load up the JustSketchMe app and add a cylinder and a cone to your scene. You can rotate the cylinder first so that it is diagonal.

Step 2

Use the Shape tool to elongate and thin out the cylinder into a spear-like shape. Use the shape tool on the cone as well and flatten and sharpen it to resemble a spear's tip.

Step 3

Use the move tool to position the cone at the top of the spear. You can also move it so that it slightly overlaps with the cylinder, so that it looks like the spear head is lodged into the staff.

Step 4

Add a figure to your scene.

Step 5

Select 'holding spear' from the pose menu and use the manipulate joints tool to make sure the hands are firmly gripped around the weapon.

Step 6

Your drawing reference pose is complete. Now you can create a staff-wielding anime fighter or Amazonian warrior woman with ease. Take a screenshot and import it into your drawing software of choice. Tag us in your creations and have fun!

Written by Dante Ludolf