How to draw perspective

Wondering how to make things appear further away or closer? Here are some handy tips on how to draw perspective.

Overwhelmingly complex, it seems, but if we begin to understand the basics we can begin to build on them - and build on them one by one. Come to our perspective party!

ere are some ways to begin approaching perspective, with perspective ;)

The first three points are pretty intuitive, with our first point being one-point perspective.

One point perspective originates from one point on the horizon, with radial lines emerging from that point. Objects appear within those lines, leading up to the viewer. If you want to draw someone closer, but in the same position, you use those radial lines as a guideline. If you want to draw buildings, they will be drawn as cubes with the 3 dimension elements being in line with the horizon line points. See below:

Two-point perspective originates from two points on the horizon line, with radial lines emerging from those points. To calculate the half point between two areas, draw an x from the opposite points of a square, to create an intersection of the middle of that square. This allows you to draw 'halves' in perspective. See the diagram below for more info. It's a quick mock-up and is by no means perfect, but it should give you a sense of how to apply two-point perspective in your drawings!

That's all for today folks! Join us next week for covering more complex perspective. Hope you have a rad time practising these perspective tips!