Let's draw from every angle

Where do I start?

1. Load up JustSketchMe.

2. Get something to draw on & something to draw with.

(We used Photoshop & Wacom Intuos)

3. Pick a Character & Pose from the pose library / make your own pose.

We chose > Combat > “Vampire claws”

360 pose figure drawing 4

Draw A Full Turnaround

Make a quick sketch of each angle. Don’t spend more than a few minutes on each side.

360 pose figure drawing 9

This will help you grow your 3D perception and anatomy skills!


- Try to use only curves or a straight line (No ‘S’ shapes!)

360 pose figure drawing 5

Change Lighting

Light and shadow create the illusion of volume!

Practice sketching the same pose with different lighting.

360 pose figure drawing 7


These are exercises, not completed drawings.

Line of action

To make it easier: find the line of action before drawing your pose.

Line of action: The internal line that spans from the head to the feet conveys the action carried out by the figure.

360 pose figure drawing 1

360 pose figure drawing 2

Tip 1:

Imagine the line is connected to the spine.

Tip 2:

360 pose figure drawing 8

360 pose figure drawing 3


- Follows the spine ✔

- Flows with the motion ✔

- Sits outside the body ❌

- Goes against the motion ❌

What does it teach you?

This exercise teaches your brain to see the figure as a whole & rapidly identify the essential essence of what makes a pose interesting. ✔