It’s hard to pick a favourite, with Harley Quin showing up again, and fun new misfits like Peacemaker and Polka-Dot Man. But our favourite has to be King Shark! Not to fear, though, our beloved clueless shark makes it out! [Spoilers!] So in celebration of this hilarious character, let’s go ahead and make some fun fan art with the help of JustSketchMe.

King Shark’s adorable (but strong) body fits well with the ‘large male’ mannequin. We mimicked the pose on the King Shark promotional poster, but you might want an action pose? JustSketchMe has a lot of fun options to sift through. Get that angle and pose right, and download a screenshot to your preferred drawing app. We used Procreate and an Apple pencil 1.

We first edited the mannequin to make its arms unrealistically large, and the legs shorter.

Draw a loose sketch over the mannequin, before drawing the final, neat lines. Since we are drawing a shark and not a human, you might have to make a bit of it up as you go. King Shark has almost no neck, beady eyes and a large mouth. To make it easier, I suggest using real shark images as references.

The colouring stage comes last, and it’s quite simple - blue pants, a massive grey body, and a red gummy smile. And now it’s our turn to smile when we have our own King Shark fan art done and dusted!

- Alida Loubser