How to Draw an Anime Witch

Get your pencils and your broom ready, because it’s time to draw an anime witch!

Do you have an idea in your mind? How do you want your character to look? Your witch might be a dark temptress, a green-skinned hat collector, a kitchen witch obsessed with potions, or a stargazer. You do you! I want my witch to be a friendly do-gooder, with a cute outfit and bright green eyes. But where do we start?

Find some inspo! Guys, it’s no secret that all good ideas have to start somewhere, so make your painting or drawing process just a little easier by finding a few things to jumpstart your creativity and give you some footing. If you’re struggling with finding photos of poses, why not try out JustSketchMe and create one exactly how you imagined it.

Don’t be afraid of using references. I googled cosplay outfits for witches and picked all the parts I liked from different outfits. One outfit had a cute puffy skirt, another a cute hat, and another some snazzy socks. I also looked extensively at existing anime characters to help me get the face right. You want to basically ignore the nose, and get those eyes sparkly and popping! I mixed it all together in a loose sketch to help visualize my character.

Once you are happy with your loosely sketched design, you can go over messy lines with thin neat lines. Don’t use too much, keep it simple.

Next up, we need to colour our witch. I went with blues because the ordinary black witch was feeling a bit drab today. Honestly, I also used google for this - I searched for an ‘anime colour palette’, found one with blue tones, dragged it into Photoshop and picked appropriate shades out of the palette wheel.

It is really that simple! As long as you have a basic idea in your mind, you can make the rest up as you go along and create something cool in no time.

- Alida Loubser