How to draw an anime schoolgirl uniform

Step 1:

Load up JustSketchMe and select an anime model as your base. There are two available at the moment, so pick your favourite and screenshot it with your desired pose.

Step 2:

In your drawing software of choice, up the smoothing of your brush to about 70% and start on the shirt. Use a harsh, black brush that will simulate the look and feel of anime-esque outlines. The school uniforms in anime often have a sailor feel so add stripes on the sleeves. The skirts are also usually high-waisted, so to accentuate this keep the hem at the midriff or tuck it into the skirt later. Don't worry about creating a collar too much, as the next step is an essential anime uniform staple and will obscure any collar details.

Step 3:

Next, apply vertical symmetry and position the centre line right in the middle of your anime school blouse. The scarf should lay flush against the shoulders and there should be a little knot at the bottom. Feel free to drop colour in this section if it helps your eye.

Step 4:

Now here's the difficult part - the famous anime pleated school skirt! These vary in length, depending on the genre of the anime, but if you're not drawing a character for an ecchi anime then you should probably stick to a respectable length. You can use symmetry if you like, but it might make the skirt look a little too stiff.

Step 5:

Now draw the stockings! Use symmetry again if you're feeling lazy, and don't forget to add two little stripes at the top to drive home the sailor vibes. Also, these stockings tend to vary between calf length and thigh-high, so take your pick and you should be good to go.

And you're all done! Practice doing these in a variety of different poses, and your anime schoolgirl should be ready for action in no time.