How to draw anime hair

Step 1:

Draw the shape of your head.

A triangular, or oval-triangular shape would work best to create the anime vibe.

Step 2:

Draw the hairline at the top of your head shape

The hairline should take up about a quarter of your anime character’s face.

Step 3:

Sketch a few thick parts of the hair that come off of the hairline and on to the face.

Use thick, block-is chunks to create the front part of the hair. You can use both rectangular and triangular shapes to frame or obscure the face. Even though it does not necessarily have to only cover a part of the character’s face, you can think of this part as the fringe.

Step 4:

Now mimic the shapes you used to create the front part of the hair to create additional hair beyond the fringe.

These shapes can either obscure the ears or be behind them.

Step 5:

Create additional hairpieces for the back of the head. You can feel free to determine length and thickness, but try to use thicker bunches of hair shapes so as to not make your anime character’s hair too choppy or messy.