First up, load up the JustSketchMe app and select one of the anime models to use as your jumping-off point.

Step 1:

Define the shape of the anime eye’s outline.

Make it nice and angular and include the shape of the eyelashes here.

Step 2:

Draw the shape of the Iris.

You can use an oval shape or a more triangular shape.

Step 3:

Draw the pupil, it doesn’t have to follow the shape of the iris exactly.

Step 4:

Draw the darker, shadow part that will be at the top of the iris.

Don’t worry about shading it yet! You can also add a second one if you like.

Step 5:

Create a little reflection dot.

It should be small and pure white.

Step 6:

Shade your eye!

Step 7:

Add some additional details to your anime eye.

- Dante Ludolf