How to draw a Shinto Gate

If you've ever watched anime, chances are you've seen a battle where two samurai warriors duke it out in front of ancient, majestic Japanese architecture and clash katanas.

The most iconic among these architectural wonders is the Japanese Shinto Gate. It's known the world over and can be found at Japanese temples and other spaces of interest.

Coincidentally, a Shinto gate is also the perfect backdrop to set your own fight scenes to, and it is super easy to make in the JustSketchMe app!

Step 1:

First, add 4 cylinders and two boxes from the shapes and props drop-down menu. You can flatten and lengthen the boxes in the meantime and move them to the back of the scene. These will act as the wooden planks that sit atop your gate

Step 2:

Now, shape two of the cylinders into thin, round-ish poles to support the bottom 'plank'. Move them back to the scene with the move toll and ensure they sit nice and snug.

Step 3:

Shape the other two cylinders to be slightly flatter and bigger, and move these under the planks as well. This is to add some dimension and variety to your Shinto gate. The basic structure of your gate should now be complete.

Step 4:

Use a nice and dynamic angle to accentuate the lines and shape of your Shinto gate, and think of the two samurai warriors that will be duking it out in front of it!

Let us know if this was helpful and show us if you used similar techniques to perfect your next anime-inspired illustration!

Written by Dante Ludolf