Fully posable models

Adjust the rotation of each joint for a natural pose of each of your characters. Create the perfect drawing reference for your art.

Playful Playful

Multiple characters and styles

Choose from a myriad of characters and styles.
Base models, realistic figures, anime character, some pets, a wooden mannequin (and more coming).

Play Fetch Play Fetch

Adjust light direction and intensity

Control the position, direction and intensity of the lights in scene.
Or remove them all together.

Meditation Meditation

Fully controllable perspective camera

Move the camera around the scene for the perfect shot.
It includes an adjustable field of view for EXTREME PERSPECTIVE!

Superhero Fly Superhero Fly

Props and shapes

Basic shapes to create any prop you would need. Add images to the scene as backgrounds, characters, or whatever else you can think of.

Captain Stance Captain Stance

Pose library

A growing pose library of well crafted preset poses for characters to get you up and making art in no time. This includes a hand pose library too, so you don't need to fiddle around with all those joints.

Save the posed characters you like the most for use in other projects, as well as full scenes to work on later.

Ballet Ballet

Desktop and mobile application

For a smooth native device experience.

Thoughtful Thoughtful

Export characters as 3D models

Export posed models to .dae and .obj format.

Export Export

Let us help you make good art

Or check out what we have planned in our Roadmap