So we’re going all out for #Faebruary now that we have the full power of props at our disposal, and we think you should too.

We’ve uploaded a huge range of fun fairy things for you to use to create your scenes, as well as some wings and weapons to make your fae a formidable one. Check them out here.

If you’re dying to get into Faebruary, Feybruary or Fairyary (lord knows the names are legion) but you’re a bit creatively stuck, try to jumpstart your inspo with some of these cool fairy-themed or fairy-adjacent movies, games and comics.


Fairy Tale: A true story

  • The Secret World of Arietty

The Secret of Kells

Fern Gully

  • Pan’s Labyrinth


Alice: Madness Returns

  • Dragon’s Crown
  • Child of Light

Odin Sphere

  • Fable

Ori and the Blind Forest


  • Snow Glass Apples

  • The Daughters of Ys

  • The Fairy Universe

The Sprite and the Gardener


Pre-Rendered Scenes:

If you’re not feeling particularly keen to flesh out massive scenes to hack away at with your preferred drawing implements, allow us to make your life a little easier with some of these pre-rendered scenes and characters. Simply download the .jsm scene and drop it into the app and make it your own.

Download them here

Fairy Tower

Mornings in the Meadow

A New Home

Throne of the Dawn Court

Throne of the Dusk Court

Have fun, and please tag us in all your Faebruary majesty <3

- Dante Ludolf