For our new #DTIYS, we decided our poses were worthy of a theme.

We decided it best to give you, the artist, a choice of either Celestial Destroyer or Planetary Defender to guide your submissions and the results are speaking for themselves.

As you can see from the poses below, our Stylized male and female models are exuding some menacing and powerful energies.

P.S. We have some versions in terms of different angles for you guys to try out too, so head here to have look!

We thought we’d take you through some additional prompts and ideas to help your designs along if you’re a little stuck.

Celestial Destroyer:

When thinking of a celestial destroyer my mind goes to a still, emotionless cosmic being making a beeline toward their destination. Unflinching in their resolve and hell-bent on fulfilling their directive, the celestial destroyer advances on their target as the stars fly by. Perhaps their form is only human in appearance and they are comprised of some space composite or nebulous molecules beaming with the light of the cosmos.Whatever it may be, one thing is certain, the celestial destroyer is coming and nothing will ever be the same.

Think of:


Dr Manhattan

Steven Universe

Dark Phoenix


Planetary Defender

The Planetary Defender is intended to be the recipient of whatever cosmic wrath the Celestial Destroyer intends to bring on their home, but they shall not go down without a fight. They are possibly from a simple culture, unskilled in ways of technology but masters of some arcane and ancient magic that have been passed down through aeons of practice and perfection. The Planetary Defender is an ardent guardian of the majesty of their world and strives to protect it from any forces that wish to abuse its people and resources, be they galactic empires, space pirates or cosmic forces.

Think of:

Princess Mononoke (San)


Aang & Appa

The Na’vi

The Pearls from Valerian

Well, that should help you guys flesh out some cool characters for now, please tag us in your creations and send them our way. Absolutely LOVING what you guys are coming up with :D

- Dante Ludolf