How to create a flying pose

Flying pose

Oh, flight. It’s one of the most basic and generic superpowers a hero can have, but it never stops being impressive and we all wish we could do it! But if you’ve ever failed at drawing a flying pose you’ll know that it is not the easiest thing to get right. To learn how to ensure that your superhero’s flying pose is impressive, read on!

Flying pose

Step 1:

Define why they are flying in the first place. Bear with me here, but if your superhero is taking flight there is a pretty good chance that there is a reason for it. Are they running toward danger, or from it? Are they flying to save the day, or whoop some ass? Defining why your hero is in mid-air speeding away is a good way to ground (get it) the pose in reality. Flying toward a hurtling comet is going to look much different than flying over a crowd that is thanking you for your service.

Flying pose

Step 2:

Go to JustSketchMe and create your own flying pose exactly as you see fit. The models are fully rotatable so go crazy and experiment with angles and perspective.

Flying pose

Step 3:

Make sure your hero’s face isn’t passive and expressionless. When working on a pose that is movement heavy and dynamic, the face and its expression can often get lost in the fray. To a viewer this will make the whole thing seem a bit off, so ensure that your hero’s face is properly attuned to what their body is doing, and makes sense with the rest of the scene.

Flying pose

Step 4:

Use line effects! This is a great way to indicate that your hero is in flight and moving towards or from something. Use these sparingly, as too many lines can clutter your piece and detract from the sense that your hero is flying through vast, open air.

Step 5:

Make sure their costumes feel the effect of their flight. This is why capes are such an enduring and beloved aspect of so many superhero costumes - it looks cool when they fly. Similarly, hair can also do great things for flying heroes, just think about Dark Phoenix and that flowing mane of fiery locks. Take some time to make sure that the lines and folds of their outfit are in accordance with the way they are flying and the direction they are going and you’ll have a flight of fancy in no time!