Cool mermaid movies to check out!



So this is a pretty low budget entry on the list, but it sure is creepy and perfect for people who like a bit of a Victorian tinge to their mermaid fiction.

When two curmudgeonly guys manage to capture a real live mermaid in an era where their presence at fairs and cabinets of curiosities are extremely popular, all hell breaks loose when one too many people take an interest in the mythical being.

She Creature veers from spooky to downright disgusting real quick, so tread carefully and try not to gawk at the bad VFX too much!


The Lighthouse

Okay so if you’re squeamish or even slightly prone to vertigo sit this one all the way out.

The Lighthouse is as much about evoking folkloric notions of the sea as it is about depicting the steady descent into madness.

It is a truly difficult film to describe, but basically, it’s about two wickies who must tend to a lighthouse on a stormy and isolated island.

It’s a crazy, crazy film and the mermaid that one of the wickies encounters is both grotesque and mesmerising.


The Lure

A polish mermaid musical about two slimy and carnivorous mermaids who join a revue club and become the main attraction. Just… watch it.


The Mermaid

An arrogant and selfish tycoon snatches up a coastal wildlife reserve known as the Green Gulf and starts to recondition the area so as to use it as a hotspot for property development.

He soon discovers that his efforts have disrupted and disturbed a tribe of mermaids, who take it to task to assassinate him and save their home.

The Mermaid is hysterical and over the top and heartwarming and truly just a great time. Fingers crossed there’s a number two!


A Mermaid in Paris

Okay so this one, for lack of a better word, is a bit hipster but it's a lovely and inspiring experience nonetheless.

After stumbling upon a mermaid in dire need of a rescuer, a man takes her in and slowly starts falling in love with her.

It's a film about following your dreams and doing what makes you happy, and the spectacle and visual flair with which it is told makes it a worthy watch.