Buddy Up: Character Design Challenge

Though we both have very individual styles, we both decided we need a little help from the JustSketchMe app to try and get our character's proportions looking a bit more consistent. For some context, I will insert an example of a character design I created a year ago:

You can see above that her proportions are not very consistent, and though I enjoy drawing features individually, Jazz and I agreed we could do with some conscious practice! What better app to use than the JustSketchMe app? Because we live in different places, we can just send each other poses every day, and give each other the added bonus of feedback and accountability!

Day 1:

I chose and posed the first one. I struggle with high angle drawings of people, so I thought I'd try to do some high angle drawings and see how it turned out!

We both felt a little underconfident, and you can see it in our drawings. Even though we are competent in drawing, we both agreed that we were approaching the challenge a little timidly.

Day 2:

Jazz chose and posed the second day and sent screenshots through to me. I really enjoyed this pose because it was both still and dynamic at the same time.

Day 3

Jazz's go - she's already pretty adept at adding her style to references. I can see that beautiful simplification of form and style she's bringing. A great example is the character's profile on the right.

Charlie's go - this time I tried to draw from the reference and redraw it a few times to maintain that sense of freedom.

I really enjoyed using the shapes from the app to translate into the body shapes. A great method to improve at figure drawing is by learning 'symbols' and curves that indicate certain features. Though drawing from the app was a challenge for me at first and feel myself starting to adapt to this new drawing language.

This week has been intense, and I'm needing some calm in my life, so for my turn, I thought I'd set up a pose that mirrored my needs!

I definitely felt a sense of calm in being able to draw this character from the side. It's reassuring using an app like Just Sketch Me in order to compare the proportions against something else. I'm tempted to digitize all the drawings I've done and seen how they compare to my original character sketch!