8 Aesthetically Pleasing Anime to Watch

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You can't help but judge an anime on how good it looks as the whole notion of anime revolves around eye candy and beauty. To stand out in the ocean of similar-looking animations, art style and aesthetics characters are the keys.

The visuals must awaken our senses to sail us through the entire storyline with the same craze and interest. People around the globe have been going gaga over the art styles, charming characters, and captivating storylines of anime.

If you are looking for some anime that boasts aesthetically pleasing artwork besides a fascinating storyline, then we have got you covered. Here are 8 eye-candy animes that will make you pause and capture a screencap of the beautiful artwork.


1. Garden of Words

Makoto Shinkai proved his directing and animation skills yet again with this heartwarming show. The plot revolves around the bond of two strangers who share a common love for summer rains and Japanese gardens.

No other anime can come close to the visuals and artwork portrayed in The Garden Of Woods. This anime released in 2013 marking it as one of the most aesthetically pleasing visuals in the history of anime.

With the impossibly realistic details from raindrops to concrete, this anime adds life to the storyline. Not the best storyline but the aesthetics of the animation can't be questioned. Additionally, the main characters seem too realistic owing to the dazzling graphics.


2. Violet Evergarden

Coming second on our list is an anime masterpiece by Taichi Ishidate. The flawless graphics beautifully complement the storyline of the anime. Though set against the aftertaste of war, this anime offers a fantasy perspective too. The story revolves around Violet who learns a gentler side of herself when she falls in love.

Produced by the house of Kyoto Animation in 2018, the visuals of Violet Evergarden are unrivalled in its league. The impressive visual quality and fresh animation are hard to find in any other anime. The characters are so realistic that you can feel their emotions through the screen.

Besides the realistic animation, this anime adds a soothing piano melody to the different segments of the show. The overall musical setting evokes melodies of peaceful and happier times while the violin chords fill in the silent moments.


3. Land Of The Lustrous

Produced by Studio Orange, the Land Of The Lustrous has high ratings on popular sites such as MAL. However, only a handful of anime lovers have watched this anime series.

The Land Of The Lustrous offers the most gorgeous graphics that will take your breath away. The refreshing animation and stunning anime characters will stay fresh on your mind for days.

It's that stunning.

The CGI animation adds a lot to its visual charm and makes each scene stand out. The sharp details of the background scenes and the impressive graphics make the show look so good.

No scene goes ignored or unnoticed.


4. God Eater

Next on our list is another CGI animation that produces the most refreshing graphics compared to similar anime shows. The God Eater holds the #1 spot in CGI animation owing to its unrivalled realism, powerful animation and impossibly good graphics.

The artwork does justice to the horror/action storyline and brings about a disturbing look to the dark scenes. The grim and dark settings of this anime show seem incredibly surreal owing to the unique visuals.


5. Hyouka

The Kyoto Animation studio brings to life some of the most amazing anime shows. Directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto, this anime offers a 4K quality with high quality detailing and earthy colours. The sharp background objects and spectacular character movements make it a classic anime show!

From great music to charming graphics, this anime has it all. The story deals with the love for solving mysteries of four high school personalities. Interlinked by their common love for mysteries, these characters try to solve a case from 45 years ago. While investigating they will find hidden hints in the work of former members of their club.


6. Hibike Euphonium

Offering a Slice of life, Hibike Euphonium was directed under the lead of Naoko Yamada. The extensive range of unique characters, detailed animation and high-quality graphics make this anime a masterpiece. What's more? The easy melodies of the soothing soundtrack will make you a fan of Kyoto Animation studio.

The story revolves around a band that fails to sync their music and be in tune together. The unmotivated band sets the bar high when they meet a new director who changes their music game!

During the making of Hibike Euphonium, the whole team was so dedicated to making a fresh visual that drew instant attention. The unique colour palette and character designs make this anime show a treasure!


7. Orange

If you want something different from the usual anime style, then this show is for you! With one of the best emotionally driven storylines, this anime offers its own taste of visual aesthetics.

The story is about a student named Kakeru Naruse who is on the brink of committing suicide to cope with his mother's death. Self-hatred, depression, and guilt lead him towards his own death. However, his friends try to save him with a letter coming from the future.

The heartwarming story that follows and the visual aesthetics are hard to ignore. This anime portrays one of the most beautiful graphics that can't be missed by anime lovers.


8. Kino's Journey: The Animated Series

Adapted from Kino's Travels (the original series), this anime is a must-watch for people who love travelling stories. The plot centres around travelling the world while listening to unique stories of people.

The eye-candy and animation quality has been thoughtfully engineered to please your visual satisfaction. From the refined artwork to lush backgrounds, realistic images, and breathtaking scenes, this anime has it all!

No matter how small a visual detail is or how trivial the scene may be, Kino's Journey will blow you away with its visuals. This beauty doesn't miss a single frame or image!

Japan studios are the best when it comes to animation! The sheer number of popular anime shows offered by Japan makes it unthinkable to chalk them down all at once!