Anime figure drawing references

See how JustSketchMe can help you in your anime and manga drawing efforts

Dynamic angles!

Anime is all about hyper-stylised angles and perspective. Just think about your faves Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach or Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. These folks have super intense and gruelling battles, which is accentuated by the dramatic flair present in how they conduct those battles.

Angles are always important in telling a story, and even more so in anime because of the stylised nature of the medium itself. Use the FOV slider on JustSketchMe to really drive your scenes home in the perspective department, and create intense and hyperbolic scenes that pop and come to life.

Intricate hand articulation!

If you’ve seen Netflix’s anime smash hit Kakegurui then you’ll know just how important a hand gesture can be in telling a scene. Hands can reveal a character’s intentions or hide them, and give viewers a way to identify the actions of the characters beyond what is in the script or what they are portraying to the others in their scene.

In Kakegurui, hands are often used to depict gleeful joy at others’ peril, or as a way to try and superficially suppress that pleasure. In Clamp’s acclaimed title XXXholic, hands are often used as a way to conceal or beguile, and add an element of mystery and flair to the scenes.

Using the manipulate joints tool, you can create your own hand gestures exactly as you see fit, or use pre-configured ones from the hand tools library to expedite your planning process and get back to telling your story.

Fight to the finish!

As mentioned before, anime fight scenes are outrageous, stylish and frenetic as hell. Some productions have entire teams dedicated exclusively to creating fights and battles, and their intricate nature calls for significant expertise and craftsmanship.

With the anime models at your disposal on JustSketchMe, you can plan and define your characters duking it out easily, and make sure your battles follow the logic and sound design principle before your pen even touches the page.

Anime proportions!

And lastly, let’s talk about proportions, an integral part of capturing the magic and specificity of anime stories. Proportions can set the tone for a story, indicate genre and also give a character depth and relevance.

Apart from our range of models at your disposal, you can also shape and warp your characters to more accurately reflect the proportions you envisioned for them with the shape tool.