The reviews are glowing and anticipation is super high, so a sequel is all but guaranteed. Here is our list of potential recruits that could join their ranks when they get deployed once more.


Katana graced the original 2016 film with her presence, but she wasn’t exactly in top form. We’d love to see a revamped version of this iconic killer that’s given a little more to do and a lot more to chop.

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Poison Ivy

We’ve received an incredible performance from Margot Robbie `as Harley Quinn and we’re about to see Zoe Kravitz take on being Catwoman which is sure to be an extremely iconic moment. Now it is high time that the arboreal avengers and toxic temptress join the group chat and shows off her terrifying abilities.

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Dr Psycho

Dr Psycho is a truly bizarre and jarring villain, as evidenced by his role in the animated series Harley Quinn. His attitude and overall demeanour make him a truly terrible human being, and he’d be a perfect fit for the ragtag crew of baddies that Amanda Waller uses to further her goals.

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Solomon Grundy

Mr Born on Monday himself! This hulking zombie/ ghoul/ abomination could act as a kind of illegible foil to King Shark or even replace him were he to decide to go swim with the fishes. A little Frankenstein, a little Bizarro and a lot of weird, Grundy seems like a no-brainer.

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Captain Cold

Captain Cold, like the similarly named Captain Boomerang, gives off extremely douche-y vibes.

Also, his mock Inuk attire adds cultural appropriation to his long list of crimes, so put a bomb in this guy’s next and point him at something he could freeze because he gots to go. Perfect fodder for the next instalment of The Suicide Squad franchise.

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This is a bit of a wild card, but Cheetah could bring some much needed feral Wolverine vibes to a Suicide Squad roster. Just imagine her alongside other misfits wilding out and ripping things apart in frustration.

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Doctor Light

Another supremely douche-y bro, Doctor Light is perhaps best known as a b-list villain who killed a certain Sue Dibney in retaliation to being brainwashed by Zatanna, which is in itself extremely messed up. He’s got extremely toxic and fragile masculinity vibes, and his light manipulation powers could be a nice shake-up of the more brawler-y vibes of the current team.

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Killer Frost

One thing that’s glaringly missing from the lineups both past and present is the lack of female characters. What’s up with that exactly? Killer Frost could be a good alternative to Captain Cold and could be fun as a super deranged and hysterical snob throwing barbs and icicles with equal fervour.

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He’s a sad, lonely old man that uses his puppet to shoot people and express his violent and deranged fantasies. I need Ventriloquist in a film and I need it now. He should also probably die first because he’s extremely creepy when you think about it.

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So the Red Guardian in the Black Widow solo film proves a disgruntled and patriotic Russian super-soldier is comedic gold, why not place him in a team where he essentially has to work for the other side and fight a fight he reeeally doesn’t want to. He’s mad, he’s Russian, and he’ll make a perfect counterpart to John Cena’s Peacemaker.

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The Suicide Squad opens Friday the 6th of August!

- Dante Ludolf