We’ve moved http://justsketch.me off of the potato of a server in South Africa and onto a much more hefty, United States based server with DigitalOcean!

Potato Server

Hello everyone!

We’ve just released an update that decimates the loading time. After feedback about the poor loading time, we decided that this was a necessity, so we fixed it up and released it as soon as we had finished putting out fires.

We are in the process of relocating our servers from a basement in South Africa to somewhere in the US or Europe to further improve load times.

One of the updates we did manage to finish this week was the movable and adjustable light source, click and drag it around the scene, and adjust the intensity and range of the light using the sliders.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, herewith an update!

We’ve been busy at making JustSketchMe even more user friendly and feature packed.

Here are a few things we’ve added in this update:

  1. A female posable character.
  2. Reset pose (this is done by clicking on the picture of the model).
  3. An improved rotation tool (the previous one got a bit wonky sometimes).
  4. Some slick UI.
  5. The beginnings of a save function for poses.
  6. Some texture optimisation so the page loads faster.
  7. Minor tweaks and fixes.

And here are our plans for the next release:

  1. Limit joints so they don’t bend in unnatural ways.
  2. A moveable light source.
  3. Light intensity and brightness modifiers.
  4. A posable hand.
  5. Saving model poses.
  6. Fullscreen mode.
  7. Some other cool things.

If you like JustSketchMe and want to see it expanded, please feel free to buy us a coffee 🙂

JustSketch.me is now live and ready to help artists all over the world create their own reference poses!

We built this because wood mannequins are pretty shitty and not always near-at-hand. JustSketch.me aims to be an anywhere, anytime posable figurine.

This is a proof of concept, feel free to tell us what you like, what you would like, and what you would like to work properly (there are probably bugs 😉 ), in the comments below

Here are a few things we are planning to add in later versions:

  • Controllable light source
  • Female character model
  • Model customisation (size and shape)
  • Saving poses
  • Mobile version
  • General pizzazz

If you would like to see this little project become something even cooler, feel free to buy us developers a coffee 🙂