How it works

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Move the viewport left/right/up/down using the arrow keys or holding Shift and holding right mouse button (press 2 fingers on trackpad).

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Zoom in and out using the scroll wheel (2 fingers on trackpad).

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Rotate the viewport by holding right mouse button (press 2 fingers on trackpad).

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Reset the model using the reset button at the bottom of the screen.

About us

JustSketchMe was built by a duo of game developers who realise that having a wooden mannequin on hand all the time is fairly inconvenient.

This tool has a wooden figurine model, and anatomically correct male and female models. It is for figure sketching, fashion design, comic illustration, and whatever else you can think of.

There is an adjustable light source which can be moved around the mannequins, for playing with shadows, highlighting and different thresholds.

Why is it so great?

JustSketchMe is free, easy-to-use, and has all the necessary features for budding artists through to fully fledged fashion designers.

Multiple models

Wooden Larry, Male, Female, with more on the way...


The controls are simple and easy to understand, yet each pose you create is completely unique.

Funded with love

This project is funded entirely by our users. Please consider donating.

If you have any suggestions, or just want to chat, get it touch!

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